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10 Scavenger Hunts That Make Learning Fun!

With plastic Easter eggs in abundance this time of year, it is easy to put together fun, educational scavenger hunts for many different learning concepts.

Not all scavenger hunts need plastic Easter eggs-- but they do add to the fun!

Here are 10 Hands-on Educational Scavenger Hunt Activities for your toddler, preschooler, and/or elementary aged child!

educational scavenger hunt games for kids

Scavenger hunts make any learning concept a little bit more fun, don't you agree?

From name recognition to shapes to geography skills and beyond, there's a scavenger hunt to put together for children of all ages and skill levels!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Have fun with these 10 ideas!
1. Work on an important pre-reading, literacy skill with your preschooler with this Egg hunt for opposites.

2. Practice name recognition with this simple Name Hunt for toddlers and preschoolers.

3. Your toddler will love this Shape Scavenger Hunt and matching activity.

4. Have fun reading simple CVC words with this Read Your Way Scavenger Hunt.  

5. Work on fine motor skills and letter recognition with this Alphabet Scavenger Hunt and Matching Game.  Your child will love "hatching" the letters of the alphabet!

6. Turn your child's spelling list into a Spelling Egg Hunt.

7. Practice geography skills in your own home with a fun Treasure Hunt Geography Game!

8. Alphabet noun Hunt can be played inside or out, and is a fun way to spot the nouns you see.  

9. Another way to reinforce nouns is by setting up a Post It Notes Noun Hunt.

10. Work on counting and/or adding change with this Counting coins scavenger Hunt.

Which one will you set up first?