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Free Printable Superhero Mix and Match Puzzles


My 3-year old is all about superheroes!  He is constantly shooting webs like Spider Man, running around like Flash, flying through the air like Superman, or growling like The Hulk!

So I had fun creating these Superhero Mix and Match Puzzles for him.

These three piece superhero puzzles make a great busy bag activity or would even be fun to play with by adding magnets to the back for the fridge!

printable mix and match puzzle for kids

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Whenever we head to the library, he knows exactly where to find his favorite Superhero Squad storybooks.

After reading your favorite Superhero Squad storybook, keep these superhero mix and match puzzles close by; I am sure your little one will enjoy matching the puzzles together to make his/her favorite superhero or mixing them up to create a new superhero!

Busy Bag Idea for Kids

printable superhero busy bag puzzle

Download and print our Superhero Mix and Match Puzzles;  printable includes 10 superhero puzzles.

Laminate them for durability.

Then, cut the puzzles apart along the black lines with scissors.

Now, mix or match the superheroes!

printable superhero busy bag puzzle

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Download your Superhero Mix and Match Puzzles now!

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