Turkey Handprint Keepsake & Poem


Create a sweet handprint keepsake for Thanksgiving and work on literacy skills at the same time!  

You can find the poem itself on DLTK's craft site.   This sweet little Thanksgiving poem is great for handwriting practice!

Update! If you are looking for our Christmas Sneak Peek: Handprint Ornaments, I have since made the ornaments their own post.  Click on over to read about 3 Handprint Ornament Ideas.

Preschool Turkey Handprint and Poem

To make this activity into a keepsake, a handprint turkey gives it a very personal touch.

I made this printable using Word; I just typed in the poem and left blanks for the sight words that we have learned about.  You could also turn it into a copywork printable!

After it's all filled in, now is the time to get messy!

Bring out the washable paint and paint your child's hand; paint thumb and palm brown for the body and choose whatever other colors for the other fingers-- those are his/her feathers.

Draw in the beak and feet and you have a sweet turkey keepsake.

Preschool Turkey Craft

I may be biased... but isn't this SOOOOO cute?! 

And that's all for the next couple days!  Thank you for stopping by to read my blog!  I'm so thankful for you!  I hope you and yours have a wonderful, safe, and very yummy Thanksgiving!!