3 Keepsake Handprint Ornaments for Kids

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Being that we do not live near family, I often like to give gifts to the grandparents that are somewhat sentimental from the kids and that can be a keepsake.  And what is the perfect gift that fits all three of those things?

Handprint Ornaments
... too sweet for words.

So here's a few that we have made and given as gifts:

Simple Baby's 1st Ornament:
These cute pink glittery hands are from my baby girl.  And... do you now how *hard* it was to get a good handprint from my squirmy 8 mo. old?!!  
Baby's 1st

I painted Little Sis's hand with pink paint and attempted to make a handprint-- took a couple of tries!  Once it dried, I used some glitter glue to make it sparkle a bit.  And for extra flair I added a pink boa;  I couldn't decide which I like better.. the feather inside the ornament or the feathers around the top-- so I made two of each!    My inspiration came from A Sorta of Fairytale's Baby's 1st Ornament.

Ornaments ( I purchased these from Hobby Lobby). We used the "flat" round bulbs.
Acrylic paint
Glitter paint
Feather boa

Handprint Snowman Ornament:
I don't know where this idea came from; I just found the picture on Pinterest, but it was not connected to a website or blog.  Using T's fingers we made snowmen!!  

I painted my son's palm and four fingers white and he pressed them onto the ornament.  Once the "snowmen" dried, I added hats, noses, mouth, scarf, and buttons with paint.
Snowman Handprint
   So stinkin' cute!  I don't even want to give them away!  But in the spirit of *giving,* ...... I will.

Ornaments ( I purchased these from Hobby Lobby). We used the "flat" round bulbs.
Acrylic paint

Handprint Reindeer

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