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Valentine's Tissue Rosette "Wreath"

Thanks to Pinterest, I was inspired by this gorgeous Tissue Rosette Kissing Ball and thought "I so have to do that!!"  And I've said that about a thousand times over!!  I've made fabric rosettes before, but loved using the tissue paper as it was easier to handle.  The rosettes were time consuming to make; I cut long strips of tissue and with my hot glue gun, my new best friend, I glued away and burned myself a couple of times--- and OH MY WORD--that hurts!  I love that every time I made a rosette it always turned out a little bit different.  The technique is basically turn, twist, turn, twist, glue.. and repeat.  I found that checking YouTube for tutorials was a lot easier than trying to follow someone through step-by-step pictures.  
As my title explains, I didn't make a kissing ball, but instead chose to make a Valentine's "Wreath."  I put "Wreath" in quotation marks as I actually used a cheap-o frame as my base, instead of your typical store bought foam or straw wreath.

Cheap-o frame ( Mine was a clearance frame that was already painted.  I just left it be and glued the rosettes on top).
Glue Gun
1 roll of Tissue (party streamers)
tissue paper circles

So find yourself a video tutorial and be on your way!  Once I glued my rosettes on the frame, I used the tissue paper circles (but any scraps will do) to fill in the tiny gaps.  Finally, I used tulle to hang it onto the door.  I just LOVE it!

And on a side-note, I am glad I used a frame base, as once Valentine's is over... I can actually use it as a frame!

Will you be crafting this Valentines holiday?

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