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Number Line Stomp Math Activity for Kids

Our Number Line Stomp & Smash activity is a loud and fun way to practice addition, subtraction, and number recognition to 10.  Big Brother LOVED stomping away to find the answers to the math problems I called out!

stomp and smash number line math activity


To make your own number line gather 10 paper lunch bags and a marker.

Number Line Math Activity for Kids

I wrote the numbers 0-10 on a lunch bag, opened them up, and put them in order.

We used this game to practice addition & subtraction facts within 10

For instance I might have said "What is 5+3?" And Big Brother would start on 5 and SMASH {step on} three more lunch bags to get his answer!

You could easily adjust this to what skills your child is currently working on and/or reviewing, like number recognition or odd/ even numbers.

Number Line Stomp Math Activity

It is a fun and simple way to practice math skills!   Tactile and kinesthetic learners will especially love exploring the number line through movement! Who wouldn't want to stomp around while learning new math skills?! 

Extension Idea:

Instead of working on numbers 1-10, you could also practice skip counting!  Decide what number your child needs to learn to skip count by - 2's, 5's, or 10's - and write the multiples of those numbers on a bag.  Line up the paper bags and have your child say the number as he/she stomps on each one.

Getting your child up and moving while learning new concepts is not only fun for them, but it gets their whole body involved thus he/she is more likely to remember what is being taught. 

Happy Smashing!!