NUMBERS Go Fish Card Game Printable


To help my 5 year old recognize and count beyond ten, I created this Ocean Themed GO Fish Card Game that can  conveniently be played several other ways, too!  Four games in one!!  Grab this card game printable at the end of the post to help your child learn numbers to 20 through PLAY- our favorite way to learn!


Little Sis has numbers 1-10 mastered, and is so-so on numbers after that; the teen numbers are tricky little buggers! Once she gets to 20 and beyond, it is pretty smooth sailing as far as counting goes.  

Being that this is a skill we will keep working on throughout her Kindergarten year, I love coming up with different ways to help her master counting beyond 10.
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Since it is summer time, we had to have some ocean fun and since we aren't anywhere near a sandy beach, this card game will have to do!  It's definitely the closest I will get to a shark and it is a great way to sneak in some learning skills before it is time to get back in our homeschool routine!  

Though my intent was to simply work on numbers 11-20, this card game printable set can actually be played FOUR different ways.  Have ''oceans of fun'' by playing:
  • Go Fish! #'s 1-20
  • Shark Attack! {our version of Old Maid}
  • Memory Matching Game
  • Number Sequencing


Check out our Stained Glass Shark Coloring Page or Letter O for Ocotpus Alphabet Craft if your are looking for more ocean theme activities!  But onto learning numbers.... 


Prior to playing, you'll need to prep the card game.  I LOVE my Scotch Laminator and it sure came in handy for this activity!

Not sure if I did it correctly, but first I glued scrapbook paper to the back of the paper.  Next I cut out each card and then placed it in the laminating pocket to be sealed.  Then, I cut the cards out again and used my corner rounder to smooth out the corners-- they can be quite sharp!


To play Ocean GO Fish! you won't need the Shark! cards so just set them aside for the time being.

You'll play just like regular Go Fish! but we chose to begin with three cards in our hand to start the game.

Once everyone has three cards, place the rest of the cards face down in the middle.

Player 1 asks, "Do you have an 11???"

If the other player does, he/she hands Player 1 the card.  If not, Player 1 "Goes Fishing" and takes a card from the middle.

When players have a match, place them down.  Whoever has the most matches, wins!

This is a great way to practice number recognition to 20!  Since there are not a lot of cards, this game can be played pretty quickly.

printable go fish cards to learn numbers to 20

Shark Attack! Card Game Printable

Shark Attack! is our version of the game Old Maid.  

Deal out all the cards between two players.  

Set aside any matches you may have.  

Player A goes first and picks a card from player B's hand.  Next it is Player B's turn. 

The player that does not have the shark at the end of the game, wins!

old maid printable card game

Ocean Memory Printable Card Game

Ocean Memory is an easy game to play for all-- even those not ready for counting past 10!

preschool memory card game printable

Number Sequencing to 20

Not a game, but our ocean card game printable makes practicing number sequencing to 20 much more fun!  Have your child practice counting skills by placing a set of the ocean cards in order!  

You could also set up the cards in order, except leave out a number and ask your child "What number is missing?"

preschool numbers card game

So, fire up that laminator and get ready for oceans of fun with this versatile card game!  

preschool card game printable

Grab your Go Fish Printable now!  And enjoy these 4 fun ways to play!

Click to download your Ocean Card Game Printable  for numbers 10-20!

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  • Hello Chalk Talk Font licensed to Jen Jones
A reader suggested making a set of Ocean Math Cards for the numbers 0-9 and I have (finally!) done just that!! 

Click to download your Ocean Card Game Printable for numbers 0-9! 


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