Letter R Toddler Activities


I kept our week with the Letter R pretty simple.  

Since we were on Letter R, I tried to incorporate some Rainbow themed activities.  

Tot School Letter R

Tot School Letter R Activities

Letter R Sensory Bin

 It was filled with colorful pom poms, R puzzle, rabbit ears, flashcards, red rose, etc!

Tot School Letter R

Duplo Block Counting Tray

Little Sis wasn't interested in this activity until the very last day!  Throughout the week I would say, "Want to do this?"  She'd look, and say "No" and move on. Ha!

tot school math

Build the Letter R

Tot School Letter R

Name Rainbow

Little Sis matched the letters on the clothespins to the letters on the rainbow to spell her name.
Tot school letter r

Bleeding Tissue Paper Rainbow

I drew a rainbow on some watercolor paper for Little Sis to use as a guide, although I should have wet the paper just a tad as our tissue paper often moved with every bump of the table!
rainbow craft

I've had this bleeding tissue paper in our craft closet for quite some time and so glad I brought it out!  So neat to work with!  And who doesn't love when water is involved?!  

Little Sis's rainbow
rainbow craft

Felt Rainbow

Little Sis didn't really understand this activity, but had fun taking it apart and then randomly putting them on top of each other : )

rainbow busy bag

This week, and every Friday in October, I am co-hosting Fine Motor Friday with some other fabulous Kid Bloggers-- LalyMom, Craftulate, And Next Comes L, and Stir the Wonder and our first Fine Motor Activity for this series was Paint Chip Pick-Up.  

This activity also correlated with our "Color of the Week," which was.... purple!

Fine Motor Skills Tweezer Activity

Color of the Week Tray

color of the week

Little Sis also had fun playing with Baby Brother's Fabric Scraps Treasure Basket.

Letter R Word Poster

alphabet printable

I'd love for you to follow along so you never miss out on one of our fun activities we share at School Time Snippets!
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