Simple Fabric Scraps Sensory Bin for Baby


I do not sew, but somehow I have ended up with quite a collection of fabric and ribbon!

And since they were just random scraps, I thought I'd put them to good use by letting my 10 month old baby boy explore the different textures with this easy to put together sensory experience: Fabric Scraps Treasure Bin.

sensory bin for babies


  • various pieces of fabric
  • basket

Sensory Bin for Babies

I gathered a variety of scraps-- different colors, textures, and sizes-- and piled them up in a basket.

There was a piece of burlap, feather boa, satin ribbon, checkered cloth, etc. etc.

Right beside the bin on the door, I added some contact paper.

I put some pieces on the wall and showed him how to pull them off and he was reaching, exploring, and sticking ; )

simple fabric sensory bin for babies

This is a great opportunity to build baby's language, sing....
....and be playful!

simple fabric sensory bin for babies

After awhile, I had the idea to put up some contact paper on the door to make a sticky wall. He loved pulling the scraps off the wall!

I so enjoyed watching my little guy explore with this easy to put together sensory experience!

simple fabric sensory bin for babies

I've left it out the past couple of days and even Little Sis (30 mo.) enjoyed the activity!

When she first saw the bin of fabric, she laid them in a neat little pile.

And around here, that neat little pile didn't last long ; )

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