Unique Ocean Small World on a Mirror


I am so excited to share our Ocean Small World on a mirror!  Because I think this idea deserves its own post, I'm going to break up our time with the Letter O into two posts, so here is the first!
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preschool ocean theme

Although I really try to use items around the house, I thought the Letter O was a good excuse for buying the Coral Reef Safari TOOB.


Along with the TOOB, I purchased sparkly "seaweed," which was actually a Christmas tree decoration. YES! Christmas stuff is already lined up on the store shelves!!  I used wall putty and stuck them upright on the mirror.

Preschool Ocean Theme

I grabbed an old mirror that was a hand me down and collecting dust in storage to use as our mirrored surface.  It is very large and sturdy, so Big Brother and Little Sis both had plenty of room to play.

Even baby boy enjoyed reaching onto the mirror to grab at the sand and gems.

ocean sensory activity

I'll admit this wasn't a true invitation to play as I had already laid everything out on the mirror the night before.  Seriously, I was that excited for this activity!

I covered the mirror with the Coral Reef Toob, sand, "seaweed", shells, and colored gems.

  • They both enjoyed making piles of the sand...
  • Making the fish "swim"....
  • Grouping the colored gems...
  • I also gave them a cup of water and a water dropper to make everything wet.... I figured the water dropper element added in some fine motor work for Little Sis.

sensory play on a mirror

 The next couple of days we moved outside, which when the sun was out added a whole new element!  I suggest not playing when it's super sunny, unless you want to be blinded ; )  But Little Sis LOVED this!

The sand... the water... the fishes... this was right up her alley.  I'll have to invest in more TOOBS!

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