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FUN Turkey Baster Pom Pom Game for Kids

Turkey Baster's aren't just for turkeys, ya know!!  Ha! They can be used to work on those fine motor skills, too! 

Truth be told, prior to this Turkey Baster Race I didn't even own a turkey baster-- and now I have two! 

fine motor turkey baster game

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Fun Fine Motor Skills Game for Kids

In all its simplicity, this Turkey Baster Pom Pom Race can make for a fun morning, afternoon, or evening activity.

This can be set up to be somewhat educational or just for some good ol' fun.  Either way, having your little /big one squeeze the turkey baster is working on those small muscles in the hand!


If the pom pom is too much of a challenge, try a small scrap piece of paper or feather.

This proved to be a challenge for my 2 year old; I think it was because the turkey baster was so large.

Every time she would squeeze the bulb, the plastic part of the baster would move, too-- so she didn't have much luck with moving the pom poms, unless she whacked it with the turkey baster!  She did try though, bless her heart!

This activity was great fun for my 6 year old.  He and I had a couple of intense races trying to "baste" our pom poms off the table before the other one.

We played a couple of different ways.  

First Big Brother and Little Sis started with one pom pom they had to "baste" off the table.

In another round, they had to "baste" a certain color of pom poms off the table.

Finally, we moved to the floor for one last race.

But to add in some sneaky learning, you reinforce counting, colors, etc!

The Turkey Baster Game might also make a fun addition to your Thanksgiving feast with family and friends!

fine motor turkey baster game for kids

Your turn!  
Ready, Set, Baste!

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