25 Fun Fine Motor Christmas Tree Activities


The countdown to Christmas is ON!  I'm sure your Pinterest feed has been flooded with Christmas ideas, gifts are being bought and wrapped, Advent activities are underway, the Christmas tree is being decorated, and the list goes on and on.  

This week's Fine Motor Friday post is all about Christmas Tree activities that work on strengthening those fine motor muscles.  At first I was not sure there would be enough ideas to do a round-up, but I was pleasantly surprised!  There are many other creative mamas/ bloggers who have shared great activities; I have gathered up a bunch I think you'll enjoy and that are easy to put together.

fine motor christmas tree activities

The other Fine Motor Friday co-hosts have gathered some type of Christmas themed fine motor round-up, too-- so be sure to read ALL the way to the bottom!! 

25 Fine Motor Skills Christmas Tree Activities

Christmas tree activities for kids

First I'd like to share something we put together; I didn't have time to make it a post of it's own, so I'll add our Christmas Tree GeoBoard here!  


*please exercise caution with this activity containing small push pins; adult supervision is highly recommended. This is a recreational blog, I am not held responsible for your personal use of this activity.  Please use common sense* 

I purchased a foam cone from the dollar store and had my son paint it green-- felt more 'festive,' ya know!    Or you could just purchase a green styrofoam cone.  We didn't have an issue with the push pins staying in place, however I would advise buying a foam cone that is hard versus some that can easily be poked with a finger.

Then we put push-pins all over the Christmas tree; we were pretty random about their placement, but kept them close enough for the rubber bands.  

fine motor CHRISTMAS TREE geoboard
I had my son grab his box of rubber bands he has for his Rainbow Loom and stretch the rubber bands over the push-pins.  I think it looks pretty cool and it was a fun activity; I joined in, too!

Pulling and stretching the loom bands over the push pins was the fun part!  Stretch the bands horizontally, vertically, diagonally,... or if you are able, try and make some shapes!!  

Continue until your Christmas tree geoboard is "decorated" to your liking.  It's a great work-out for those fingers; perfect way to work in fine motor skills this season!

fine motor skills CHRISTMAS TREE geoboard

Ready for some more Fine Motor Christmas Tree ideas??  Here's 24 more!

24 More Christmas Fine Motor Skills Activities

Sow Sprout Play has another Christmas Tree using styrofoam  toothpicks, and beads; a great activity to keep little hands occupied for a while!

Or use your foam tree and add ponybeads and plastic lights for those ceramic trees like Fun-A-Day! Fine Motor Christmas Trees activity.

Have some fine motor fun with these adorable  (& edible!) Waffle Cone Christmas Trees from Discount Queen; who else doesn't love to "work" and eat?

Tree Decorating Math activity; roll a dice and add pom poms to your tree.  Love that this can be played as a game or individually!  Definitely can use this as a Christmas theme busy bag...

Have some Velcro Dots on hand?  If not, you will definitely want to pick some up and create a Velcro-dot Christmas Tree from Creekside Learning; A great activity that can be re-used

My kiddos LOVE cutting and would be thrilled to make this cute Christmas Tree Craft from I Heart Crafty Things.

Another great Christmas tree activity that can be used over and over again is this Button Tree from Counting Coconuts.

Paint, rip, and glue to make a Ripped Paper Tree with paper punched ornaments and snow painted with a q-tip.  Another idea is to tear small pieces of paper to make a Christmas tree shape.

Childhood 101 shares a simple Christmas Sewing Activity for Preschoolers.  Another lacing activity is this adorable D.I.Y Felt Christmas Tree Toy from Pinwheels and Stories.

My kiddos loved the felt Christmas tree I made or them last year that hung on the wall, but I love Buggy & Buddy's easy 3D Felt Christmas Tree.

If you have extra green felt left over, check out Buggy & Buddy's other Felt Christmas Tree activity using tiny pom poms and tweezers-- perfect for toddlers!

Craftulate shares another great activity using "treasures," glue, and a christmas tree cut-out in this Toddler Christmas Tree Craft.  I think our toddlers would have fun crafting together... they both LOVE glue ; )

Or bring out the glue, pom poms, "treasures," and make a T.P Tube Christmas Tree like we did at School Time Snippets.

Stickers are great for little hands; Hands on as we Grow used stickers to make strands of garland on their Sticker Christmas Tree Craft.  Another idea is to use Dot Stickers!

Have a lego lover?  Willowday shares a DIY Lego Advent Calendar-- it is SO neat!  Even if you have already made Advent plans, or are not doing anything, if you have a Lego lover, this is something to check out!

Cannot go wrong with two craft favorites-- pipe cleaners and beads to make a Pipe Clearer and Bead Christmas Tree from Learning 4 Kids.

Draw an outline of a Christmas tree and have your child punch holes around the outline for this easy Christmas Tree Toothpick Punch activity.  Afterwards, hold up the paper to the light and see the light shine through!

Turn your Christmas tree fine motor craft into a card like the kiddos did at The Very Busy Kindergarten;  They made Circle Shape Trees by using a large hole punch and festive scrapbook paper.  Lovely!

Use some chopsticks for a Balancing Pom Pom Tree activity-- looks like it would be a great challenge.

Make some pretty art with these Christmas Tree Suncatchers from Here Come the Girls.

Break out the scissors for a Christmas Cutting Pack from This Reading Mama, featuring... Christmas Trees!  The pack includes different levels, so kiddos of multiple ages can do this together.

Finally,(AH! Seriously, there are so many great ideas... I. NEED.TO. STOP!) here is a neat Ribbon Weave Christmas Tree that will provide a fine motor challenge!

Which activity (activities) will you be doing?

Stop bye and check out the other Christmas themed fine motor activities! Together we have over 100 Christmas themed activities to keep you and your littles busy this season!

99 fine motor ideas for ages 1 to 5


  1. What an epic post! I'm seriously noting down a whole heap of these to try! Love it!

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  5. That geoboard is seriously awesome! So cool and clever!! Not to mention the billion other ideas you put together! I love it!!!

    1. Seriously! Who knew there were SO many fabulous Christmas Tree activities?!!

  6. This is so fun!!! My daughter would be in Geoboard heaven! I NEED to do this with her. Thank you for the amazing idea!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! Glad you love it! Have fun!

  7. A Christmas tree geoboard?! Want an unreal idea! Sooooo cool.

  8. Bought some Styrofoam trees the other day! Excited to decorate it soon! Great ideas.

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