Letter Matching Christmas Literacy Activity


Sneak in school work with the kiddos during the upcoming holiday season by putting together fun, hands-on seasonal themed activities!  For your toddlers and/or preschoolers, set up this low-prep Christmas literacy activity to work on letter matching! 

Christmas Literacy Activity

I put together a super simple alphabet activity for Little Sis the other day to sneak in a fun way way to work on letter matching.

Teaching your child letters is like pouring the foundation for a house; it is the building block of literacy.  Once children recognize letters, they can begin to learn sounds.  Once the letter-sound connection has been made, your child can begin reading and writing!

For this Christmas Literacy Activity, you just need a few materials.

Christmas Literacy Activity

Just grab some alphabet stickers, green construction paper, scissors, and a pen to make an Alphabet Christmas Tree for letter recognition and matching skills.  Your child will love decorating the tree with letters from the alphabet!

I called this activity our Chicka Chicka Christmas Tree!  


How to Set Up This Christmas Literacy Activity

Using the scissors, cut out a Christmas tree from the green construction paper.

Next, at random, write the letters of the alphabet all over the Christmas tree.

Provide your child with foam alphabet stickers in a bowl.  We used alphabet stickers from CraftProjectIdeas.Com.

Christmas Literacy - ABC matching

This low-prep activity can be put together during nap time/ quiet time, while your child is eating lunch, or he/she can even help prep the activity!

This Christmas literacy activity is a great way to work on letter matching skills. 

Have your child pick out a letter from the bowl and identify the letter together. 

Extend this part of the activity by asking if the child can think of any words that begin with the letter.  Does he/she have that letter in his/her name?

Encourage your child to peel off the backing of the sticker and find the matching letter on the Christmas tree.

Bonus that this activity also works on fine motor skills!!

Letter Matching Christmas Literacy Activity

Tip!!  If you don't have any letter stickers, you could also use dot stickers, alphabet stamps,or hole-punched circles with glue.

Tip!!  We worked on uppercase letter matching, however you could also use this Christmas literacy activity to work on upper & lowercase letters.

Hope you enjoyed this simple and festive alphabet activity as much a Little Sis! 

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