Number Sense with Snowman Mini Erasers


Have your child work on number recognition, counting, number formation, and fine motor skills with this Snowman Math Printable.  This winter theme math mat is a great way to make learning math fun and hands-on for young learners.  With minimal prep it's perfect for math centers or in your homeschool.

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winter math printable

Mini Eraser Math Activity

Truth be told, I love browsing the Dollar Spot to find unique manipulatives to use with our learning activities, like mini erasers.  We have snowmen, rabbits, fish, butterflies, and more in our growing collection!!

Creating printables to go with each set of mini erasers has been fun!  For our mini eraser rabbits we created  this Mini Eraser Rabbit Sensory Bin.

Our mini eraser fish can be found in use in our Ocean Preschool Unit Lesson Plans

Mini eraser butterflies were used in this Counting Butterflies Roll & Cover Game perfect for spring.

If you have a stash too, bring them all out and play this Stack the Erasers Fine Motor Game.

And for our mini eraser snowmen, we made this snowman number sense printable!

mini eraser snowman math printable


Prepping Snowman Mini Eraser Number Sense:

Print the Snowman Number Mat Printable Worksheet.  Laminate it or place it in a sheet protector.

Gather the snowman mini erasers in a shallow bowl  (If you do not have or cannot find snowman mini erasers, use mini pom poms, gems, or another small manipulative instead).

Place a six sided die in the circle above the snowman.

mini eraser math printable

Building Number Sense:

To play, roll the die and build the number with mini erasers!

If using a dotted number die, your child will practice one-to-one correspondence, counting, and number recognition.

Using mini erasers is a sneaky way to work on fine motor skills.

Add in two dice to work on addition up through twelve.

The numbers at the bottom aids number recognition, and doubles as a number line.  You can also have your child keep track of the numbers he/she has built by placing a snowman on each completed number.

Can your child build all the numbers up to twelve??

Snowman Mini Eraser Math Printable

I hope your child enjoy  this hands-on number sense activity.  It is simple and engaging... Are you ready to build a snowman, oops! I mean a number?!!

Click to print this Snowman Number Mat Printable.

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