Handprint Reindeer, Ornaments, and Poem {free printable}

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Hand print crafts and activities are favorites of mine!  I love the sweet memories that they remind me of; tiny hands are just so precious.  My kiddos adore hand print activities, too.  They love having a 'piece of them' in their artwork.  I think they love the mess that it makes, too ; )
We've made handrpint snowmen, a dolphin, a turkey, gardenlions, a birthday cake, Fall trees........ and reindeers!  Re-sharing the Thanksgiving Poem my son did two years ago was a big hit and thought I would unleash my inner poet and do something similar with a reindeer theme.  Although, this time around I didn't have my son practice writing and/or spelling-- although, you could definitely do that!

Hopefully my Reindeer poem sounds okay! Feel free to click the image to get a copy of this poem.  Enjoy! If you do happen to re-write the poem, please let others know that we inspired you! : )

And, I must have been in a very festive mood while making the handprint reindeer with paint because afterwards we made some Salt Dough Reindeer ornaments with our hands!!  And, I must say they are pretty adorable!!

To make your own handprint reindeer ornaments:
Mix 1/2 C Salt and 1/2 C flour. 
To make brown reindeer, add in 1 TBS. cocoa powder.
Add 1/4 C water (give or take)-- add slowly... you do not want it too wet.
Mix & knead til dough forms.
Make impression.
Cut edges with a knife.
Poke holes for hanging (and antlers!)
p.s. do all this on a baking sheet!
Bake @250* for 2 hours.
Cover with Mod Podge.

Decorate with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and sequins!

Hang on your tree!

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