My 1 Year Old's Favorite Activity


Baby Brother hasn't made a Baby Play appearance in quite some time!

This sweet boy of mine is ONE year old now!!

Baby Brother is just the sweetest and cutest little bub!

He's walking and pointing, imitating and smiling; he loves Ring Around the Rosies, climbing up the stairs, getting into Big Brother's stuff and my Tupperware..... which was the inspiration behind our most recent Baby Play activity.

activity for 1 year old

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I noticed he loved putting things into my Tupperware containers and dumping and/or pulling them out, so to keep track of my Tupperware I gave him his own container to play with!

 Although, a lot of my Tupperware is still M.I.A!!

Activity for 1 Year Old


  • empty container
  • baby safe "loose part"

simple baby play idea for 1 year old

Once you have a container-- something deep enough so that he had to reach in was his favorite, grab some type of "loose part" manipulative that is baby safe and have fun watching baby explore!

simple baby play idea for 1 year old

I pulled out a few Pegs from our Lauri Tall Pegs & Pegboard Set (a great toy for young Tots!) and he had a great time occupying himself for a good 10-15 minutes putting the peg in the container... reaching to pull it out... putting it back in... dumping the peg out... etc!!

Don't you just love simple ideas to keep your little one entertained?  

He seriously LOVED this activity!

Under supervision, other "loose part" ideas would be:

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