Duplo Block Building Challenge for Tots & Preschoolers


One way to play with Duplo Blocks that is fun, encourages creativity for kids of all ages, and reinforces the concept of learning colors for toddlers and preschoolers is by setting up a building challenge.  

STEM Challenge for Preschoolers
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Pretty sure every house with young children has at least one set of Duplo Blocks at home!  

I'll confess and say that we have received several different sets between Big Brother and Little Sis, so we have accumulated quite a pile.  

Duplo Blocks have many more uses than simply following the directions that may have come with the set; all you need to do is a random search on Google and/or Pinterest and you'll find you can use them as math manipulatives, learning your ABC's, diy puzzle set, etc. etc!

Preschool STEM Building Challenge 

To set up your own building block challenge, just gather together all your duplo blocks of desired color.  

Preschool STEM Challenge

Once you've gathered the blocks, let the creativity unleash!

STEM for preschoolers

This building challenge is also a way to build on so many skills!  

Critical thinking, creativity, fine motor, and language skills.

Though the kiddos might be busy concentrating on building, take the time to talk about the colors, positional words, size of blocks, etc.

You may be surprised that although they are busy working, they are listening!

What started as a building challenge with one color, soon ended in a duplo block city!

STEM for preschoolers

Do your kids have a favorite way to play with Duplo Blocks?
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