Stomp & Smash Number Line Game for Kids

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Our Number Line Smash activity is a loud and fun way to practice addition, subtraction, and number recognition to 10.  Big Brother LOVED stomping away to find the answers to the math problems I called out!

To make your own number line gather 10 paper lunch bags and a marker.

Cool Math Activity for Kids

I wrote the numbers 0-10 on a lunch bag, opened them up, and put them in order.

We used this game to practice addition & subtraction facts within 10-- for instance I might have said "What is 5+3?" And Big Brother would start on 5 and SMASH {step on} three more lunch bags to get his answer!

You could easily adjust this to what skills your child is currently working on and/or reviewing, like number recognition.

It is a fun and simple way to practice math skills.  Tactile and kinesthetic learners will especially love this math activity!

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Happy Smashing!!

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