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Teach Your Child Multiplication using LEGOs

Teach your child multiplication with this hands-on activity using LEGO Duplos!  This activity helps your child visualize what the numbers mean and how the work together in a multiplication sentence.  Try this in your homeschool or with your elementary students!

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multiplication facts with LEGOs

My son has been plugging away and doing really well with his current math curriculum, which has been having him work on telling time, addition, subtraction, fractions, measurement, and temperature.

Recently we started reviewing another math program for the SchoolHouse Review Crew and my son had the chance to work on beginning multiplication, ie. grouping.

While we have been really happy with both programs, I've missed some of the hands-on learning of concepts we used to do.

So with our stash of Lego Duplos, we worked on grouping in a hands-on way.

How to Teach Multiplication

how to teach multiplication

I gave my son a tray of Lego Duplos with a sheet of paper asking him to find group totals:
2 groups 5
3 groups 4... etc....

Hands-on Multiplication using LEGOS

Pulling out the Legos for this activity really helped my son see the end result and how multiplication is different than addition.

It was an easy set up activity that worked on a very important skill that paves the way for multiplication down the road.

Have some hands-on fun with early multiplication using Legos!  Get grouping!

multiplication activity using LEGO