Rings on Fingers Preschool Math Activity


Little Sis LOVES to count; she loves to tell me how old she is, how old baby brother is, and that I need to read 3 more books at night because she is not going to bed yet!  And so I came up with an idea to work on 1:1 Correspondence, but it also happened to reinforce shapes and color matching skills, too-- Rings On Fingers Counting Activity.

Preschool Math Concepts
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Hands-on Preschool Counting Activity

The only thing you need for this activity is a package of cheap rings.  I purchased a bag of 18 from Party City.

I placed them in a tray and invited Little Sis to come over to the table with me and explore.  And since she loves all things "sparkly," she loved this simple preschool math activity.
1:1 correspondence

I initially set it out for her to sort through the shapes first, but she immediately began doing what I had originally planned for the activity; she began putting one ring on each finger.  I tried getting her to sort shapes and colors later, but she still didn't go for it.  However, we did count A LOT!

We counted as she put a ring on each finger, which reinforces 1:1 Correspondence.
We counted as she took them off her fingers.
We counted forwards.
We counted backwards.
I even introduced simple story problems!
1:1 Correspondence

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