10 Little Ladybugs Preschool Counting Activity


Time to share our latest Poppins Book Nook book choice and activity for this month!

Our theme was The Great Outdoors. Since participating our activities have been geared towards Big Brother, however we switched it up this time and created a fun go-along math activity for my preschooler.

I created a counting activity inspired by the book, 10 Little Ladybugs! It is a fun, hands-on activity for toddlers and preschoolers learning number recognition, counting skills, and 1:1 correspondence.

10 Little Ladybugs Preschool Math Activity

In the beginning of the month I started gathering books and ideas, shared a book list all about trees with the intention of doing some sort of tree inspired activity.

However, I completely changed gears and chose to do an activity to go along with the book, Ten Little Ladybugs.

Ladybugs are found in the great outdoors, right?! 

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Ladybug Counting Preschool Activity

Have you read Ten Little Ladybugs before?

Little Sis received the book for her birthday last year and it's a really cute counting book for little kids.

I love the playful rhyme and that it weaves in learning about numbers, too.

Starting with 10 ladybugs, you count down every page until all the ladybugs are home.  The book is a great way to introduce counting to 10, number recognition, and 1:1 correspondence.

To practice counting with Little Sis, we made this 10 Little Ladybugs Counting activity using a paint stick!

10 little ladybugs preschool counting activity

I apologize in advance for a lack of "how-to" pictures so that you can make your own Ten Little Ladybugs Counting Stick, however I think it'll be easy to explain.  If not, just leave a comment below for me to clarify anything!  

To make your own 10 Little Ladybugs Paint Stick Number Line, you'll need the following:

10 Little Ladybugs Counting Stick:

1. Paint the paint stick green.  Once dried, paint and/or draw 10 leaves.  Then write the numbers 1-10 on each leaf.

2.  Assemble the ladybugs with hot glue by gluing together a small black pom pom and a larger colorful pom pom.

3.  To add an extra counting element, use black glue or puffy paint to make corresponding dots on each ladybugs back.

4.  Once dried, attach the Velcro dots to the bottom of the ladybug and the paint stick. {Note, you may want to use hot glue on this part, too}.

ladybug math activity for preschoolers

When everything has dried, grab your preschooler and the book and have fun reading and playing along with your own 10 Little Ladybugs Counting Stick!

Ways to play:

  • Set up the counting stick with 10 pom pom ladybugs and as your read, have your child take a ladybug off the stick -- a great way to introduce subtraction! 
  • Practice counting and 1:1 correspondence by having your child put the ladybugs on the stick.
  • Introduce ordinal numbers.  What ladybug is first?  What ladybug is last?
  • If you really wanna get crazy, use this to make simple addition problems.  

There are many different ways to learn and play with this Ladybug Counting Activity! Enjoy!

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