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4th of July Fruit Kabobs: Healthy Snack for Kids

Learn and play with food?  I'm in!

We love learning and exploring with food over here, and it's always an added bonus when you get to eat it afterwards!  The other day we made some fruit kabobs with a festive flair for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.  

edible 4th of July snack for kids

Making fruit kabobs are a healthy, yummy, and sneaky way to add in some fine motor practice!

4th of July Snack for Kids

I prepped this activity during quiet time-- washed, cut, and separated our red, "white," and blue fruit: strawberries, bananas, and blueberries.  My son didn't hesitate to let me know that bananas were not white! Ha.  Close enough, buddy.  Close enough!  I placed them in a three part serving tray to keep them separate and provided skewers with curly ribbons on the end and our kabob "station" was all set.  My son also wondered why there was curly ribbon on the skewers, but I think he liked the added flair!
edible 4th of july snack for kids

We had a skewer all set for Little Sis, too, however she ended falling asleep during quiet time.

Needless to say, Big Brother had a great time picking his fruits and threading them onto the skewer.

He even made a pattern-- so this become a math activity, too!

edible 4th of july snack for kids

Enjoy sneaking in some learning skills by making these festive fruit kabobs for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.  

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