U is for Underground {ABC's of Nature}


You can explore nature all year round, but during the summer months there is a lot more color, insects, and flowers to explore.  This summer, enjoy nature through a letter of the alphabet! 

A few weeks ago I had this random... and brilliant idea to host a collaborative series, The ABC's of Nature where 26 bloggers share something found in nature that begins with a certain letter of the alphabet.

Have you been keeping up with the series?  The ABC's of Nature has explored Bark, Jellyfish, Rocks, etc. etc. 

It's my hope that this series would encourage you to get outside and explore the natural world and all its beauty.  

nature abc exploring underground

Today we are sharing the Letter U; U is for Underground.

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Explore Nature with Kids

Nature ABC's

This was actually a great letter to explore with my kiddos because they love digging in the dirt to find all kinds of certain critters, especially worms and rollie-pollies.  There's a lot more underground, but we had to borrow some books from the library to see those:

To explore the underground critters in our yard I dug up some dirt from our yard and put it in a tub for the kiddos to dig through.  Here's some things we found:

U is for Underground | ABC Nature Series

Nature ABC's | U is for Underground

I also made a simple notebooking page so the kiddos could draw what they saw, too, if they chose.

And browsing around the web, here are some other great underground activities to keep your children busy!

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