Armor of God {Heart of Dakota: Beyond Unit 25}


This mama needed a homeschool curriculum that was all laid out for me this year.  I wasn't sure how I would adjust following someone else's laid out plans for almost every subject, but it is quite liberating!  Thankful Heart of Dakota has created carefully thought out and planned each day and week for this busy mama!

 In Unit 25 we spent a little more time reading about some young boys in the Continental Army; it was all very basic and in story form, which are some reasons I really enjoy Heart of Dakota.  The information is introduced in a way that it plants "seeds" for learning more in-depth on such a topic at a later time.

To close out the week, our History reading was from Ephesians 6:10-20 where Paul is telling Christians to be brave and stand up against evil by putting on "the armor of God."  I would imagine that the young boys and men would have needed to have been very brave to overcome the trials of war.

Our related Art activity was to dress up a stuffed animal with the "armor of God"-- belt of Truth, breastplate of Righteousness, feet of Peace, a shield of Faith, a helmet of Salvation, and the sword of the Spirit. 

I told my son to go grab a stuffed animal and he found a kangaroo! Being that we were creating armor, I saw it fitting to use some tin foil.  We tore off several pieces and my son colored on them with sharpies and designed the armor all himself.

It never ceases to amaze me how much my son enjoys some of these projects that I initially think, "oh we'll skip that... {for whatever reason}".  He so enjoyed taking the lead in this activity. I did help him tape and mold some of the foil so that it would stay on our kangaroo, but otherwise when I would try to give my input, he wanted none of it!

So now, watch out world!!.... our kanga is suited with the Armor of God!

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