Shaving Cream Pre-Writing: Connect the Dots


Before we can expect our children to "write," we must give them plenty of opportunities to strengthen those fine motor muscles in the fingers, hands, and arm.  Today for Fine Motor Friday, I have a messy prewriting activity that is sure to engage your child in a fun way!

pre-writing idea for kids
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My kiddos love having my squirt shaving cream in and around the bathtub during bath time so they can make designs and spread it all around til the water turns white.  Now, Take shaving cream play to new level by setting up a messy prewriting activity!

Pre-writing Activity for Kids

All you need is a tray and/or table and a can of shaving cream!

Begin by making different shapes, letters, and/or numbers with shaving cream in a connect the dot pattern.  If your child doesn't like the texture of shaving cream, give them a q-tip to manipulate through the shaving cream, instead-- a little less messy for you!

pre-writing tray for kids

Encourage your child to start at one dot and trace all around the object to connect the dots.

I made a square, triangle, circle, and heart.  Depending on where your child is in his/her pre-writing skills, you could keep it fairly simple-- up/down, left/right, or make the connect the dots a bit more challenging-- diagonal lines, curves, etc.
prewriting activity for kids

And soon it will look like this-- a creamy mess, perfect for practicing letters, numbers, making shapes, and more!  

Your child will love this messy prewriting activity!

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