Go Science: Science DVDs for Kids {Review}


Go Science DVD's make science experiments and demonstrations hard to do at home fun and entertaining. 

Go Science DVD Review

Library and Educational Services (L.E.S) has been providing educational materials to libraries, schools, churches, homeschool families, missionaries, etc. at wholesale prices for over 35 years.  They are a family owned business out of Southwest Michigan.  Besides delivering amazing prices, they offer a wide range of materials that align with Christian values and offer evolution-free Science resources.

Go Science Review

Cool Science Experiments 

Of the vast array of products they offer, we were given the opportunity to review two Go Science DVDs, which feature experiments and demonstrations by Ben Roy, teacher of Science at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  There are 7 DVDs in the Go Science Series; we chose to review Volume 2: Life Science, Weather, and Light and Volume 4: Motion, Friction, Electricity, and Light.  Both DVDs wholesale for $8.97.  

I watched the DVDs with my 6 year old son-- who fit well in the given age range of 4-12 years old.
Go Science DVD Review
Upon setting up a Wholesale Buyer account because we are a homeschool family, we navigated through their site to browse around and select the Go Science DVDs of our choice.  I don't recall the exact amount of time it took to receive our products, but it was received in a timely manner and thoroughly packaged in a thick packing box and bubble wrap.  It was and is always encouraging to see a company take special care in packing their products!

Life Science and Weather Experiments

Go Science DVDs: Science Curriculum for Kids

Volume 2 consists of demonstrations and experiments on Life Science and Weather.  The DVD is made up of 12 different video segments lasting an hour.  Some topics explored in this video are:
  • Flashlight Animal Eyes
  • Bobby Pins
  • How Much do your Lungs Hold?
  • Eating Nails for Breakfast
  • Fire Tornado
  • Ping Pong Cannon
  • Garbage Can Vortex
  • Cloud in a Bottle
  • and more!...

Physical Science Experiments

Go Science DVDs: Science Curriculum for Kids

Volume 4 consists of demonstrations & experiments on Motion, Friction, Electricity, and Light.  The DVD is made up of 11 different video segments for a run time of 55 minutes.  Some topics explored in this DVD are: 
  • Food Coloring and Bubbles
  • Tablecloth Trick
  • High Bounce Balls
  • Marble Gravitron
  • Floating Rice
  • Jumping Rings
  • and more...
The moment the video started playing, you could sense Ben Roy's enthusiasm for teaching Science.  You could tell he loved every moment of being able to demonstrate different Science topics by his energy and excitement.  The experiments are not directed at you the viewer, but the segments are rather a part of a larger event so you are just watching the experiment take place.  Despite that lack of connection, the video was still engaging to watch.  My son would watch 2-3 video segments each sitting over the course of the review and often would exclaim, "Wow!"... "Cool!"... "Did you see that?!"  

My son loves doing and experimenting and thought some of the demonstrations were so neat he had to do it, too.  We had fun trying out Bobby Pins-- which explored the sense of Touch, High Bounce Balls, Marble Gravitron, and Naked Egg.  Some demonstrations are not to be tried at home, so I am glad my son had the opportunity to see them!  He especially loved the Ping Pong Cannon and Garbage Can Vortex Demonstrations.  

Science Experiment DVDs

The DVDs are a cool Science extra. They were neat and engaging to watch, but they weren't meant to explain the why and how of Science.  The connection of why and how certain things happened were often vague, but would make a great way to introduce a certain topic for further study.

Equally important to note is that Ben Roy uses this platform as a way to teach kids about God.  After each demonstration, Ben Roy tries to apply what happened to God as Creator.  For instance, after making a magnet with wire, a battery, and paperclips, Ben Roy uses the idea of a magnet to show that God created a magnet-- the electromagnetic field-- that helps protect Earth from other things in the Universe.  Some connections were a bit far fetched, but I appreciated his attempt to tell and show the awesomeness of God.  Every video segment also closes with:  "every time we learn more about Science, we learn more about our Creator God."  The saying got a bit redundant after a while just because we heard it so much; I think my son began to zone out at the end, after we had watched several segments, because he knew it was coming.  Nonetheless, I think he plants an important seed of God's love and the beauty of His creation into the hearts of the children watching. 

My son has already asked when we are going to get more Go Science DVDs, but I don't know how seriously to take his request.  They were cool to watch once, but I am not sure they will be pulled out again-- only time will tell.  They would be neat videos to watch in larger group settings, such as a camp and/or co-op, for those that have an aversion to doing science because of lack of knowledge or materials, or for those that simply love science and want more.

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