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Constellation Geoboard | Astronomy Activity for Kids

Learning about the stars?  This fun, hands-on astronomy activity for kids will have them learning to recognize the constellations while building them on a geoboard!

One tiny little geoboard and four hands= major problems.  What we needed was a larger geoboard.  
And I was on the quest to make one!

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Why I had to make a geoboard right this moment was also because I have been reading Fancy Nancy: Stellar Stargazer to my daughter at bedtime that past week and so I have been a bit constellations obsessed!

Regardless, though, constellations are just plain fun to learn about!!

geoboard constellations astronomy project for kids

The book shares a few star facts, and while my daughter is a bit too young to still understand, I set this activity up for Big Brother.

I figured learning about constellations on the geoboard would be something we haven't done before!

And it would also great way to work on fine motor skills without the activity feeling too baby-ish for him.


Constellation Activity for Kids

I was going to make one using a cork board, but I really didn't want to spend $20 on a bulletin board.

While wondering what I should do next, I came across And Next Comes L's Homemade Geoboard and it was perfect timing-- I had exactly everything I needed to make it, so in a way, it was "free", right?!

And free is way better than $20!

With a wooden board from our garage, black spray paint, push-pins, and a hammer I made our own DIY Geoboard!

Once I had the geoboard made, I printed out some Constellation Cards and grabbed some of my son's Loom Bands.

constellation activity for kids

I only wish we had a bigger board to fit all the constellations on at the same time!  We did a few and then had to take them off to fit the others on there.

This was such a fun and creative way to teach my kids about astronomy!  Adding the tactile element was a great way to learn about the stars!

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