Solar System Window Clings DIY


Time for some Outer Space fun with our Creative Preschool buddies!  

A couple weeks ago we decided to join them for the last few themes of the school year and shared a Rainforest Math Activity.  

Today we are sharing a fun hands-on way to learn about the solar system using puffy paint!  

Did you know that you can create window clings using puffy paint??  Cool, huh?  
With knowing that, my preschooler {and 7 year old} helped create a Puffy Paint Solar System!
solar system craft idea
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To make your own Solar System Window Art, you'll need:

Solar System Craft for Kids

First print out your Planet Cutouts or draw your own.  

Next lay a sheet of wax paper over the planets, you might find it helpful to hold down the wax paper with some double-sided tape.

Solar System Craft

Using the planet cutouts as a guide, begin tracing around and filling in the cutout with puffy paint.  

We were a bit cautious at first, but more puffy paint is better in this case,  

Encourage your preschooler to apply the puffy paint liberally!!   

You don't want it too thin or it might not peel off the wax paper very well.

solar system craft for kids

When the planets have all been filled in with puffy paint, give them several hours to dry-- overnight is best.

solar system craft for preschoolers

Once dried, carefully peel them off the wax paper.  You may find it best to peel the edges first.

solar system craft for preschoolers

When they've all been separated from the wax paper, it's time to create some window art!  

Have fun moving the planets around; learn about the order of the planets, too!  

Might also be fun to use with you Space Toob figurines!  

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preschool solar system craft

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