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For some reason I never memorized my math facts; in fact, there are still some number sets that I still count in my head and/or on my fingers.  On the other hand I was always quick with recall on my multiplication facts.  In fact I still remember doing multiplication drills everyday in 3rd Grade!  My own little experience tells me that math drills- however tedious and mundane- are crucial in learning the very basics of math.

Math Facts Software Review

With that said I was very interested in trying UberSmart Math Facts downloadable program by UberSmart Software as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  UberSmart Math Facts is a Windows based software program that can be used with children K-6 or any student needing a math facts refresher.

Math Facts Software Review

UberSmart Math Facts Review

We received the UberSmart Math Facts standard version that allows you to download the program on all the computers in your home.  You can purchase the family license for $24.95; support and free upgrades are also included.  I downloaded the program to my laptop and it was very simple to do.

Once downloaded, we were ready to start drilling!

UberSmart Math Facts is a very simple program- no frills, all drills : )  It is nothing fancy, but does it work?  During the course of our review, I definitely noticed a greater competency in math facts with my 7 year old.  For the first several weeks, we did the program 2-3 times per week, however the last few weeks I have had him get on for about 10 minutes everyday, and his recall has improved immensely!

When you open the program, you are greeted by 6 bars at the top of the program:
Learn new math facts with Dot Cards or Flashcard Option
Practice math facts with dot cards, keyboard entry, and/or flashcards
Test-- complete an assessment test to see where student is and/or take a timed mastery test to see if certain facts are mastered
Compete with other UberSmart users to see who can answer the most facts correctly and the fastest; an Internet connection is required.
Report -- a place to check your students progress
Maintain is where you can change settings, add/delete students, find updates, and update password.

UberSmart Math Facts Review

My son didn't care for the dot card option in Learn or Practice Mode; he used it once and then chose to learn with Flashcards and Practice with the keyboard.  I liked the dot card option, though I think it would work best for those just beginning with addition/ subtraction; my son isn't new to these concepts.  I also think giving fewer options would also alleviate some of the "clutter."  My eyes got overwhelmed with seeing so many dots! 

We also didn't complete the general assessment test; we tried a few times, but it seemed to move very slowly and the beginning only consists of keyboarding.  Using the keyboard is obviously very important in using this program, as being unfamiliar will slow you down on the timed tests, however there just seemed to be too many of those questions in a row in the assessment for my son to complete it.  However, being that we do math everyday, I am pretty confident in what my son knows and with what he still needs more help with understanding-- and that is his math facts!  So I do not feel like we have missed out on anything by not completing the assessment; however, I think more of an assortment of questions in a row, would have eliminated my son's frustration.

UberSmart Math Facts Review

So how did we use UberSmart?  

Everyday for the past few weeks, my son has easily started up UberSmart simply by double-clicking the icon on my laptop.  We then chose a math fact to work on; he would do the learn keyboard mode once and then do the mastery test a few times, each time bettering his score.  Roughly speaking, he probably used the program for 10 minutes each day.  We focused only on addition facts, but UberSmart also drills subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Addition/ subtraction is through the 9's; multiplication/ division can be set all the way through he 20's.  

I think one of the reasons that UberSmart has worked well with my son is that it teaches one math fact at a time; thus you begin with 0's and work through to 9's.  Addition starts off "easy" and progresses, yet towards the end there ends up being less math facts to master because there are fewer "new" facts to memorize!  Focusing on one number group also helps students recognize patterns.

UberSmart Math Facts Review

More Likes About the Program:

Progress Reports easily accessible and I personally love the visual graphs!
Easy to use
Easily shows what needs focus and what has been mastered; able to also do a "focused" drill of only the facts that you need help with
Gives encouragement {clapping sound!} and instructions at the end {tells if you have mastered it or if you need more work with friendly encouragement}
Program frees up mom from having to show flashcards!

We have been very pleased with the program.  There were not too many things, if any, that I was displeased by.  I cannot say my son loves it; but sometimes you just have to do certain things regardless if you love it or not, ya know?  And it has definitely improved my son's math fact recall, so it is something we WILL keep doing everyday.  If your student needs help with his/her math facts, click below to read some what other Crew Members thought!

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