Plan Your Preschool Year with Weekly Themes & Printable Planning Sheet


Planning for preschool?  View this collection of 27 fun weekly preschool themes grouped by months and grab a printable planning sheet to help organize your preschool plans for the year!

To do homeschool preschool with your little one or not to do preschool at home  with your little one?  That is the pressing question nowadays, isn't it?!  Besides that, just what does homeschool preschool "look like?"

Let me first say that I use the term "school" pretty loosely here.  I don't think it will be too different from Tot School-- it's simply more of a name change.

I will continue to follow my preschooler's lead and my intention during this next year of learning for my 3 year old is more, "Purposeful Play"-- which I feel is what we have been doing all along, or at least trying to do.

Monthly Preschool Themes

We will read books, sing songs, and play outside.

We will discover numbers and letters with lots of hands-on, playful activities.

We will craft and explore and move.

We will Purposely Play in our Preschool!

With that said, I've broken down our Preschool year by months, and our months into weekly themes with a focus on math and literacy skills, sensory play, crafts, and extra fun.

Our weekly themes are subject to change, however, here are the themes I will be organizing and gathering materials for the upcoming year.  Some months I plan on incorporating a Before Five in a Row title as our weekly theme using the manual and activities I come up with as a guide.

I wrote out our themes with a 3 week on, 1 week "off" rotation.  The last week gives me time to prep for the next three weeks and do any activities I wanted to do, but for whatever reason didn't get around to doing....  you know life happens ; ) 

Preschool Weekly Themes

** UPDATE! Click on the themes below to see a highlighted activity and/or snippets of the rest of our week from us or !)

September Preschool Themes

October Preschool Themes

November Preschool Themes

December Preschool Themes

January Preschool Themes

February Preschool Themes

March Preschool Themes

April Preschool Themes

May Preschool Themes

Preschool Planning Sheet

To help me not go overboard in all my planning, I've made myself a simple preschool planning sheet.  I am *hoping* this helps me to keep things simple!  During Tot School I found myself continually adding more activities to Little Sis's shelves and it just got to be a bit overwhelming.

I set up this preschool planning sheet to focus on one "subject" a day; that day may have 1-3 activities planned.

For example, you can schedule your days like this:

Monday- Math
Tuesday- Craft
Wednesday- Literacy
Thursday- Sensory Play
Friday- Extra Fun Activity

.... or switch up the subjects to fit your schedule!!

Print out a planning sheet for each week and separate them by month so each month is already planned for!  Get ahead of the game & start planning!!

>> Click to print your Preschool Planning Sheet <<

printable preschool planning sheet

Here's a general topical explanation of what each "subject" may work on:

  • Math Skills: Counting, Number Recognition, 1:1 Correspondence
  • Literacy: Letter and Letter Sound Recognition, Name Recognition
  • Sensory Play: Something to touch and explore with one or all of the five senses
  • Craft: Something artsy
  • Extra Fun: Science Activity, Fine Motor Activity, Field Trip, etc!

 Stay tuned-- hope you follow along our preschool journey with us!

Another Update!!  If you are looking for lesson plans to teach your preschooler for the year, check out our new literature based preschool lesson plans!!  Take out the guess work, the planning and prep, and teach your preschooler one or all of these fun preschool units!!  Each unit includes 24 activities to help you teach your preschooler with fun, hands-on activities!

Preschool Lesson Plans for Year


  1. I will definitely be following along and implementing plenty, I'm sure! I need to gather all the stuff I've done that you have inspired and take a picture for you. Just the other other day, my littlest was playing with the colored block tower I made for my middle :) (The one you shared about with the velcro blocks. Huge hit with all 3!)

    I love how you are organizing your preschool. This is the first year I am officially homeschooling my 4 year old (before that I was just supplementing and she went to a christian preschool) and I am struggling a little. I'm not sure I'm doing enough "fun" stuff. That's pretty much all I was doing before but now I feel like we just do reading stuff and math stuff and I'm not so great at making it fun. That is why I love your blog! It is fun stuff that my brain can't come up with, but it is pretty easy to implement. And it's normally stuff that my 2 year old and my 4 year old can do together (on different levels of course) which is a huge plus :) A lot of times, she'll just be "helping" him and not even realizing she is learning or reviewing concepts for herself.

    Ok, I'll stop my novel now! Just love your blog!


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