Spice Up Your Name Preschool Activity


Spice up your name-- literally!  This hands-on preschool name recognition activity is a MUST-DO while exploring the five senses!  While you are exploring the sense of smell, your child will love getting the chance to decorate his/her name using a variety of spices.

five senses preschool name activity

During our first week of preschool with my 3 1/2 year old, we explored the Five Senses.  

As I shared in our Preschool Themes post, each day we explored a different "subject" all while sticking with a weekly theme. I also tried to be extra conscious of relating our daily activities to our five senses.  

Today I'd love to share our Spiced name recognition activity with you!
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Five Senses Preschool Activity


Five Senses Preschool Activity - Exploring Sense of Smell

This name recognition activity is a sure way to engage your sense of smell... and touch... and maybe taste {but I would highly warn against doing that!}.

First, write your child's name on a piece of paper with a marker.

Set out several spices and some glue.  I poured our spices in an empty egg container because some of our spices were missing the lids with holes.

Show your child how to follow the letters of his/her name with the glue.

tracing lines with glue - preschool name activity

Then have your child  use his/her fingers, spoon, and/or spice shaker to shake spices onto the glue.

preschoolers exploring sense of smell

Chances are you'll have more spices than glue on the paper, so when the child is done carefully fold the paper in half and either dump the extra spices in the trash or into a container and use the spices for a pre-writing activity.  Your child can then practice writing lines, shapes, or letters in the spices.

Enjoy exploring your sense of smell!!

5 senses preschool activity

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