The Best Water Table for Toddlers


Buying a gift for that special toddler in your life?  How about a water table?!  Water tables provide simple yet rich learning opportunities such as pretend play, fine motor skill development, sensory play, and more!  But what is the best water table for toddlers you wonder?  Read about why we love our water table by Step2! 

best water table for toddlers

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I always wanted a water table for my oldest son, but because we lived on the middle floor of an apartment building with little access to a backyard, it was just a passing idea.  However, when my dear daughter was born I just knew she needed one {we moms know those kind of things don't we!}, but our housing situation had not yet changed.  So you can only guess what was on her birthday wishlist when we became homeowners?!!!!

If you guessed a water table.... you are one smart cookie ; )

Best Water Table for Toddlers

How to pick the best water table

However, to my surprise there were several water tables to choose from!  So I had to ask myself some questions pertaining to design, price, and extra features:

Did I want a water table that was simple or had a themed design?
Did I want to spend $30ish or $60ish?
Did I want the water table to include an area for sand?

My answers led me to Step2's WaterWheel Activity Play Table!  It is simple, budget-friendly, and intended for water-only (I didn't want to deal with the possibility of sand and water).

My daughter ended up receiving it for her 2nd Birthday; her birthday is in the Spring, so we actually played with it inside for several months... without water.

It has been well loved over the past almost two years.

More than just a water table

So indeed there are several ways we have played with our Step2 Water Wheel Activity Play Table!  It can be used for:
  • simple water play
  • as a sensory bin with non-water materials
  • a place to create a small world
  • and/or as a habitat; we have kept a few small frogs in there that we found in our garden. 
The Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table comes with four accessories: 2 boats, a cup, and water wheel tower.  The boats aren't the sturdiest; we found ours sink quite easily.  However, my toddler didn't seem to mind.  Actually, all three kids enjoyed playing with this water table in their own way.

My daughter preferred her own toys; it made a great bath for her baby dolls!  Baby Brother enjoyed playing with the water wheel and scooping and dumping out the water with a funnel.  And Big Brother enjoyed having easy to water to fill up his squirt gun!

Benefits of having a water table

Water table play, with or without water, has many benefits; water table play encourages:
  • Imaginative Play
  • Math Skills - measuring, weighing, comparing... 
  • Science Concepts
  • Language Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sensory Play - feel free to change it up by filling it with shaving cream, water beads, beans, pom poms, shredded paper, etc. etc!
  • Group Play and Sharing
Our water table comfortably allows at least three children to play at the same time and is the perfect height for my daughter and 1 year old son.  Big Brother is seven and quite tall, but he enjoyed playing with his younger siblings a few times.

I love that it is big enough to encourage group play.  And not only can all three kids play at the table, but it is surprisingly very sturdy.  We have had no issues with the over-all design, although the addition of a drain plug would be nice for future models.

This water table is definitely as simple as it gets, but has provided much fun since we have had it!

Will your child be getting a water table this holiday season?  Whether you choose this water table or another model, they make a great gift idea for toddlers!!

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