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7 Preschool Activities for The Big Green Pocketbook

Little Sis received the book, The Big Green Pocketbook just before she turned 3.  

I had not read the book before, but knew it had to be a good one if it was part of the Before Five in a Row book list. 

Surprisingly, for a "longer" picture book, it quickly became a favorite!

We loved spending a week with this precious book in our homeschool!

before five in a row preschool the big green pocketbook
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The Big Green Pocketbook Preschool Activities

To begin our Playful Preschool plans in November, we spent a week doing different activities to go along with The Big Green Pocketbook!

During our week, we followed the schedule I shared in our Preschool Plans post; thankful that I decided to do it this way-- it makes planning so much more manageable and gives Little Sis something special to do each day.  Now whether or not she does it is a different story ; )

Have you read,The Big Green Pocketbook before?

It is really a sweet story about a mother and daughter going about town together.  And as they do the little girl collects things from their journey to town.

There is a surprising twist at the end of the story, so you'll have to read it to find out what happens!

Here's a bit of our week:

Math Skills

  • Ice Cube Patterns-- Over the summer I purchased some citrus ice cubes and since the little girl in the story picked up some orange slices for daddy at the store, I made a little patterned task tray using the ice cubes.
Preschool Math Pattern Activity
preschoo math money game
  • Shapes Print {art & math!}-- to incorporate the little girls shirt covered in shapes.
preschool shapes process art

Literacy Skills

  • Uppercase/ Lowercase Name Recognition-- while at the insurance office, she "typed her name first in big letters, then in little letters."
preschool name recognition

Sensory Play

  • Mess-free Color Mixing-- I added a squirt of blue and green paint into a zip lock bag, and had little sis squish them around to make green.
Preschool Color Mixing Sensory Activity


  • Lace a Foam Purse-- Using a large piece of green foam, I folded it in half and cut out the purse shape, then used a hole punch to punch holes around it.  
preschool lacing craft big green pocketbook

Extra Fun

  • Story Tray-- with the book and tray full of story elements, Little Sis and I sat together on the couch and read the book.  
As I read, she added the items to her purse.  

We had felt lollipops, punched tickets, key chain, orange slices, a calendar, crayons, etc!  

At first she wasn't sure of this activity, but I think it was a success 3 readings later : )
before five in a row preschool literature unit

In the end, it was a wonderful week!

To top it all off, the whole family went to an old-fashioned ice cream shop.

Our ice cream wasn't square shaped, but it was a fun and yummy family outing!  We've shared a few activities from other Before Five in a Row books..... take a look!

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