Recycled CD Glittery Bird Ornament for Kids


Thought I'd do a little mini series on the blog and today is Day 2 of 5 Simple Christmas Ornaments for Kids! Along with doing the basics, reading and crafting Christmas Around the World, I have been setting up simple invitations to create ornaments for my kiddos.  They love crafting, so we have been busy!

Today's simple Christmas ornament involves GLITTER!

Whether glitter is something you love or hate, these glitter bird Christmas tree ornaments are too cute!

recycled cd christmas tree ornament for kids
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To make your own, you'll need:

Ornaments Kids Can Make

Grab your blank CD or cardboard circle and cover it with glue.

I had my kiddos squirt glue on the CD and then use a brush to spread it around.

On a paper plate pour out some glitter and then press the glue covered CD into the glitter.

recycled cd christmas tree ornament

Big Brother chose to mix red and blue glitter together and Little Sis used a bottle of pink glitter provided to us by

recycled cd christmas tree ornament

We were a bit impatient to let it dry so we proceeded to glue on our googly eyes and orange cardstock beaks.

We then added some feathers to the middle of the CD and to the back for tail feathers with our glue gun.

We had to do this part twice because our glitter wasn't set, so when we glued our feathers on the glue came off... but we put hot glue on the CD and our feathers stuck.  I am guessing it was because we didn't let our white glue dry all the way....

Finally we used our glue gun to attach a clothespin to the back of our CD; now it's ready to be attached to a tree branch!

recycled cd christmas tree ornament

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