Simple Tissue Paper Monogram Ornament for Kids


As a little girl, I would eagerly run towards the tower with personalized toys in the store-- ornaments, water bottles, key chains, license plates, etc.-- hoping to find my name spelled just as I did; Kristina with a K.

However, I left the store more often than not empty handed because those personalized toys never spelled my name with a K!

 I soon realized the only option I had to find something somewhat personalized was to purchase something with just a monogrammed K.

If you or your child can sympathize, our latest ornament your child can make is just for you!

Your child can add his/her own initial to the Christmas tree with this Tissue Paper Monogram Ornament.

tissue paper christmas ornament

It takes just a few minutes to set up and complete, but allows your child to add his/her own personalized ornament to the tree.


Simple Christmas Ornament for Kids

Thought I'd do a little mini series on the blog and today is Day 3 of 5 Simple Christmas Ornaments for Kids! Along with doing the basics, reading and crafting Christmas Around the World, I have been setting up simple invitations to create ornaments for my kiddos.  

They love crafting, so we have been busy!

tissue paper christmas ornament

I already had a bunch of cut up tissue paper, so we just dove into our activity right away.

Simply squeeze glue onto the initial and then scrunch up a tissue paper square into a ball and press it into the glue.

Continue until the letter is covered and then let it dry!

tissue paper christmas ornament

Once the glue has dried, add some string and add it to your tree.

monogram tissue paper christmas ornament

I didn't get a photo of Little Sis's Initial Ornament; she took it up to her tree before I could get a chance!  Otherwise, you would have seen a picture of "T" "A" "Z"!

Just for fun what are your children's initials??

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