Fine Motor Velcro Christmas Tree


Last year I set up a Christmas Tree Geoboard for my son and it was a success; he was entertained by it for a while.

Fast forward to this year and I decided to give that Christmas Tree Geoboard a face lift and a new purpose.

Since it was filled with plenty of holes, I decided to repaint the foam tree and upcycle it into an activity that Baby Brother and Little Sis could do using velco and pom poms.

toddler fine motor Velcro Activity

I decided to turn our Christmas Tree Geoboard into a Velcro Christmas Tree Activity.

It is very similar to our tot-friendly Velcro Tower we shared last year!

Supplies Needed:

Christmas Fine Motor Skills Activity

Originally, I purchased the foam tree from the Dollar Store.

For this activity I repainted it green, added Velcro dots to the cone, and applied the other half of the Velcro dots to Pom Poms.

Although the Velcro dots stick to the pom poms, I would suggest that you use a glue gun to keep them together a bit better.

Toddler Christmas Tree Velcro Activity

Once you have your Velcro Christmas Tree set up, it's time to encourage your little one(s) or not so little, to decorate the tree by attaching the pom poms to the Velcro and/or taking the pom poms off the tree.

Toddler Fine Motor Skills Christmas Activity

Baby Brother manipulating the pom poms on and off the tree!  

It required a lot of hand-eye coordination.  

I love this picture with his tongue hanging out; you can tell he was concentrating very hard!  

Your little one will be honing those fine motor skills as they pinch, pull, and squeeze the pom poms.

Toddler Fine Motor Skills Christmas Tree

For a Preschooler, you could also turn this into a math/ counting game.  

Roll a die and add so many pom poms and/or take them off the tree! 

Don't forget to talk about colors, too : ) 

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