Christmas Themed Activities for 2 & 3 Year Olds


We have been crafting up a storm around here, so my Preschool Plans that I laid out back in August have gotten a bit off-track.  

Instead of doing weekly themes for the month of December as I had planned, I ended up putting together a bunch of random Christmas Themed activities for my 2 and 3 year old.

Toddler Christmas Themed Learning Activities

So along with making tons of new ornaments for our tree, my 2 and 3 year old have had these trays to explore!  

Some were more for my 3 {almost 4 year old} and some were put together with my just turned 2 year old.  Either way, they were all played with and explored!

Christmas tot school activities

Christmas Tree Scissor Skills

Simple cutting activity using sheets of green foam cut up into a Christmas Tree like shape.  Little Sis worked on her scissor skills-- which she LOVES doing!
christmas toddler activities

Do A Dot Christmas Tree

Using some magnetic pom poms I made up some time ago, I made up a Do A Dot tree printable to use with them!

Do A Dot Christmas Tree Toddlers

Letter recognition activity for my 3 year old; this was something we got to work on together and it was fun spending that time with her!
Alphabet Christmas Tree for Toddlers

Race to 10 Christmas Math Game

Simply roll the die and add that many manipulatives to your tree.  

First one to 10 wins!

Christmas Tree Math Game

Velcro Christmas Tree

We love fine motor activities around here!  Simple activity using Velcro, pom poms, and foam cone.

fine motor christmas tree toddler activity

Paperclip Candy Canes

Another great fine motor skills activity! 

All three kiddos enjoyed this one.  

Works on color matching, counting, sorting, patterns, etc. etc!

fine motor paper clip christmas activity

Color Matching Reindeer Antlers

Click the link for more info, but this tray was very popular with my 2 year old! 

Great fine motor skills involved!

toddler fine motor christmas activity

Ornament Number Order & Match

I cut out five foam ornaments and had both my littles practice number recognition and counting.

christmas math toddler tray

Christmas Tree Name Activity

I loved this activity when I saw it floating around Pinterest, so I made it up for my 3 year old.  

Great way to learn the letters in ones name!

toddler letter matching christmas tree

Pattern Block Play

I printed out a variety of pattern block printables from PreKinders and my kiddos were in heaven!  

They devoured this simple tray set up several days in a row... for long periods of time!

toddler christmas tray

Miniature Bow Color Sorting Tray

With our leftover miniature bows from the wreath ornaments we made, I set up a simple sorting tray! 

{Random PSA: I just love love love Melissa & Doug products because of the trays! Save them!!}

toddler christmas sorting tray

Well, these trays have kept them both busy when we head down to our school room!  

Many are super simple to set up, so hopefully you can put some of these together in these last few days leading up to Christmas to keep the littles busy!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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