Color Sorting Activity with Velcro {Fine Motor Friday}

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This Color Sorting Velcro Tower is great for little hands and works on a variety of skills like color recognition, counting, and fine motor skills!  I made this with my 1 and 2 year old in mind, but even Big Brother wanted a chance to play with it!

fine motor color sort
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Velcro Tower Fine Motor Activity

To put together your own Color Sorting Velcro Tower, gather your materials:
* Tall Container {I used plastic}
* Package of Velcro Dots (buy a big ol' pack-- you'll find Velcro to be very addictive! ha!)
* Foam blocks  (similar to these).  I purchased mine from The Dollar Store (or some other type of manipulative)
* Paint
*Mod Podge or some type of sealant that can be used on plastic to protect the paint from chipping.  {I did not do this, and it is definitely a must!}
Note: I used a plastic container because that is what I had an excess of, however, an oatmeal container can be painted on with no chipping and/or use colored tape instead.  An oatmeal type container would have been way easier to work with; ah! Live and learn!  Or a sturdy box would work, too!

It is a super simple fine motor activity to put together that engages all the small muscles in the hand.  Your baby and/ or toddler will have fun grasping, pinching, and pulling the foam blocks off the container.  I also cut a square in the lid of the container to add in some more hand- eye coordination!  Happy Fine Motor Friday!
fine motor color sort
Once you have painted and added a protective coating, it is time to add Velcro dots to the container and the foam blocks.  Place the soft-sided set of dots on the container and the scratchy-sided dots on the foam blocks, or vice versa.  The Velcro dots add a fun sensory element to the activity as well.
fine motor color sort
As you can see I set up our Velcro Tower to reinforce color matching skills, but the kiddos just enjoyed pulling them off, putting them in the hole on top of the container, dumping them out, and attaching them back to the container paying no attention to matching the colors. Ha! They showed me, huh?!

This kept the kiddos entertained for quite some time! Yay!  I just wished I hadn't been in my "I must complete this RIGHT now mode" or I would have waited until I had some type of sealant to protect the paint and/or used an oatmeal container.  Being that the kiddos really enjoyed themselves, it'll be put back on my "to-do" list!

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