Paper Plate Color Wheel Activity


When Big Brother was younger we always had fun exploring colors by mixing them different ways.  I loved doing activities that involved the Color Wheel, and he was just as fascinated!  Fast forward and Little Sis is now at this fun exploratory age and to add a little color into our winter days, we worked on mixing colors to showcase the primary colors and then used those to make our secondary colors-- green, purple, and blue!

Try this fun color mixing activity with your preschooler; it's a great way to learn and play TODAY! 

Tissue Paper Color Wheel activity
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We have had fun playing with bleeding tissue paper before, have you?  

You'll need this type of tissue paper for this color wheel activity, or else how we describe the activity will not work for you.  

I pulled out a red, yellow, and blue sheet from our stash and we were ready for this simple and fun way to explore the color wheel!

Materials Needed:


I drew three lines on a paper plate- cutting the paper plate into six pieces.  This was to help separate our colors.  Before laying down each color of tissue paper, brush a thin layer of water onto the paper plate.  

In one pie "slice,"  place ripped up red tissue paper, skip a slice, then add yellow, skip a slice, and finally add blue pieces of tissue paper.

Once our primary colors were laid on, we laid pieces of red and yellow in between our red and yellow slices and so on with the other colors....  

Again, brush a layer of water over each slice of tissue paper.  

Allow it a few hours to dry.

We were a bit impatient, and once semi-dry, we peeled off our tissue paper.  However if the tissue paper is allowed to dry completely, the tissue paper will just fall off.

Delight at what appears.... 

color wheel activity

This easy color wheel activity is a great way to explore colors with your little one(s).  

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