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Wet Chalk Art for Kids: Color Mixing Fun!

Scored a set of 50+ pieces of sidewalk chalk for $3 a few weeks ago;  don't you just love amazing finds like that?  Something so simple just puts me on Cloud 9!

Needless to say, our driveway has become quite colorful with pictures of rainbows, cars, and broken pieces of chalk {thanks to a certain 1 year old}.

To add a little something extra to our chalk paintings and keep us cool from the summer sun, we added water to our designs.  Wet Chalk Art is so much fun!

color mixing for kids

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Exploring color theory and mixing colors is always a fun process with little kids.  While my oldest two were busy playing with friends, I decided to show my 3-year-old how we can make new colors from red, blue, and yellow.

Fun Color Mixing Activity for Kids

What you need:

  • chalk
  • water

color mixing with kids

If you feel like getting into the nitty-gritty, you can introduce your child to some new vocabulary words like primary colors and secondary colors.  This is a fun, hands-on, and messy activity to show your child the color wheel in action!

Introduce your child to the primary colors red, yellow, and blue.

Wet the pavement with some water and grab two of the colors.  Wet the tip of the chalk, also.
color mixing with kids
Scribble both colors onto the pavement next to each other.  Have your child mix the colors back and forth to see what new color can be made.

color mixing with kids

Continue with red and yellow, red and blue, and yellow and blue.  From these primary colors, your child will see the new, secondary colors!

color mixing with kids

My 3 year old loved this!  Messy, colorful & fun!  What more could a three-year-old ask for?

And I loved how this simple activity provided an opportunity to learn & play together!

If you are a fan of color mixing activities, too-- you might like this Paper Plate Color Wheel.

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