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Letter D Dog Craft

Learn to identify the Letter D by making this fun D is for Dog Alphabet Craft!  Fun for toddlers and preschoolers!

We have another fun alphabet craft to share with you today!  I look forward to sharing the rest of our alphabet crafts with you-- my daughter has been having a lot of fun!  Today's alphabet craft is D is for Dog.  Can you tell what kind of dog our craft was inspired by? ..... 

The Dalmatian!!

letter d craft

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To set up our D is for Dog alphabet craft, you'll need to gather:

Letter D Craft

How to Make This Letter D Dog Craft

Begin by squirting a little bit of black paint into a bowl and watering it down with water.  Set up several cotton pads on a tray.

letter d craft

Encourage your little one to squeeze the pipette into the watered down black paint and squirt it on the cotton pads to create black spots.

letter d craft

While your child is busy squirting black paint onto the cotton pads, cut ears and a tail from the black construction paper.

making a letter d craft

Once Little Sis was done, we continued on with our alphabet craft even though the cotton pads were still wet.  

On a white sheet of paper, we made a 'D' shape with glue and then Little Sis added cotton pads to the glue.  

Then we added ears, a tail, and googly eyes.

Letter D Craft

Keep in touch so you don't miss our other alphabet crafts we share in the future!  

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