S is for Sun Alphabet Craft

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Did you see our super cute M is for Monster alphabet craft?  Today I am sharing another alphabet craft that is super simple... S is for Sun.

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Just grab some construction paper, glue, and scissors and you work on letter recognition in a simple and fun way!

Letter of the Week Craft

As I introduced this alphabet craft, I told Little Sis what sound the letter /s/ made, had her repeat after me, told her some other words that began with /s/, and finally had her trace over the letter with her finger.

Now onto the craft!

I gave Little Sis a tray with a pre-cut yellow S, several yellow rectangles for the sun's rays, and glue.
 First we began by gluing the letter S onto the blue construction paper.
 Next, we laid out our sun's rays to glue on as well....
 And our letter S alphabet craft is complete!
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