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Letter L Craft for Preschool

Teach your child to identify the letter L shape and sound it makes with this fun letter L preschool craft!  Toddlers, preschoolers, and Kindergarteners will love decorating the letter with their fingerprints because L is for Ladybug!  This letter L craft would make a great addition to your Letter of the Week L activities.  

letter l craft for preschool
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Making a letter craft as I teach my preschooler her ABCs is usually the highlight of our week.  My girl LOVES to craft (got it from her mama! ha!) and I love the collection of themed letters decorating our school room. 

I have found that creating a letter craft has helped my daughter recognize the shape and sound.  If she is stuck on writing a letter, all I need to do is say, "remember A is for Ant(hill)... and she's like "oh yea!"  Our alphabet crafts have been a BIG help for my visual learner!

But regardless, they are just plain FUN to make and are oh so CUTE!  As mentioned above, for the letter L, I had my preschooler cover the letter L in fingerprinted ladybugs!




To set up the activity, I cut out a letter L from green construction paper, and set out black and red washable paint.  

With another little underfoot and big brother likely needing help with something too, I find it easier for me to have the materials ready to go.  However, little ones LOVE to help so if you have the time and patience to let your preschooler help grab materials and cut out the letter, which also is great for fine motor skills, then GO FOR IT!

letter L craft

For this simple letter L craft, Little sis used her thumb for the ladybugs body, and her pointer finger for their head.  Encourage your child to dip his/her finger into the paint and then onto the pre-cut letter L. 

Once the paint is dry, add some antennae and black spots with a marker! (I totally forgot to take a picture of ours!  OOPS!)


This letter l preschool craft would make a great addition to your Letter of the Week L activities.  More fun L activities could be centered around lions, leaves, lighthouse, lemons, llama, lizard, LEGOS, etc!  So many fun ways to play and learn with the letter L!  


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