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Fingerprint Apples Preschool Counting Book {FREE Printable}

Forget the boring counting worksheets for your preschooler!  Make learning to count FUN by getting a little messy and creating a counting book with this free printable activity!  Your preschooler will LOVE learning math by counting and making apples in a tree with his/her fingerprints!

preschool apple theme counting book

My 4 year old loved the Counting Fish  Bubbles Math Activity we shared several weeks ago, so I decided to make another counting activity involving her fingerprints for the upcoming apple season!

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Apple Counting Math Activity

This activity could be used several ways: 

  • A keepsake book by counting with your child's fingerprints
  • Counting Mats laminate the printable to re-use this activity in the future by using pom poms, buttons, or some other small kind of math manipulative instead.

Whichever suits your fancy!


  • counting printable
  • red paint or red ink
  • paint tray

Apples Counting Book

We first began this activity working on number recognition and sequencing by putting the apple trees in order from 1-10.

Next we pulled out the red paint and Little Sis dipped her finger in and made fingerprint apples on each apple tree counting card.

So on the apple tree that said "1," she made one fingerprint apple... and so on!

apple counting printable

Such a great hands-on way to reinforce counting skills and 1:1 correspondence!

Once the apples dried, we stapled the counting cards together to make a little keepsake booklet!

Enjoy this preschool math activity with your preschooler! 
Apple Tree Counting Mats
Apple Tree Booklet Cover Page

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