Shiny Materials Process Art Collage


Make collage art with all things shiny- from foil to gems to glitter. Your kids will LOVE this unique process art activity!

collage art for kids

My daughter loves to draw, color, and create in her own way.

So giving her materials to create with-- with no end in mind-- really appeals to her creative spirit.

This collage art project fit perfectly into our latest process art challenge! 

Collage Art for Kids

What is Collage Art?

To me, a collage is a bunch of odds and ends pieced together.  It is taking existing materials and putting them together to create a new "whole."  

And with a bunch of shiny materials, that is just what Little Sis did! She took random pieces and parts and put them together to form a new work.


I searched through my craft/ school room closet for shiny materials; I came up with:

I also set out some glue, glitter {provided by craftprojectideas}, and metallic paint. 

There's no right or wrong materials here, just make sure they have a shiny element to them!

Make Your Own Shiny Materials Collage Art

To create the background for this shiny materials collage, I covered a shoe box with foil.  Alternatively, you could cover a piece of sturdy cardboard with foil.

Once the materials were gathered, I let her have at it!

shiny materials collage art for kids

She chose to paint over the foil and then went to town with the glitter!

Now, any other time I would have cringed at letting her loose with glitter, because let's face it...  it is glitter!!  Ha!  However, in the name of this shiny materials collage, glitter was allowed.  But trust me, as soon as she set the bottle down for not even a second, I snatched it up, put the top on, and put it out of arms reach so she had to use a different shiny material!

shiny materials collage art for kids

Afterwards, I helped her glue other materials onto the foil.

She LOVED this activity; I think a lot of it had to do with the glitter! {Remember our much loved Glitter Bird Ornament?!}

I loved that it was all child-directed from the colors to the placement of each shiny materials to create this unique and SHINY collage!

collage art for kids

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Collage Art for Kids

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