Noah's Ark Paper Craft


What do a boat, animals, and a rainbow have in common?  They reference one of the first Bible stories children learn about-- Noah's Ark.  To build understanding of God's Word, make this cute bible story craft based on Noah's Ark with your preschooler all while exploring basic shapes and working on fine motor skills!

Noah's Ark Preschool Craft

Recently we read through the story of Noah's Ark and sang a cute chant for the letter B with my 2 and 4 year old.

To stay with the boat theme, I put together a cute Noah's Ark Craft that involved some of my preschooler's favorite things-- scissors, stickers, and glue!

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What you'll need:

Noah's Ark Craft

On a brown piece of construction paper, I drew a large half circle, a rectangle, and a triangle.

Little Sis cute out each piece and we assembled it into a boat and glued it onto some blue paper.

noah's ark preschool craft

Next we brought out animal stickers and found various sets of animals to put on Noah's Ark.

This was a great time to reinforce the number two!

Noah's Ark Boat Craft

To complete the craft, we made a rainbow using strips of construction paper and a white shaped cloud.  Little Sis glued the strips of paper to the cloud and then we glued the ark to the strips.

Such a sweet craft with a beautiful reminder of a classic Bible story with plenty of learning opportunities and fine motor skills built in, too. !

noah's ark preschool craft

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