Preschool Threading with Feathers and Buttons


With a HUGE bag of feathers my kiddos received last Christmas, I put together a simple and easy color matching activity that works on fine motor skills, too! 

Grab some buttons and feathers and you are ready to go!

preschool threading fine motor skills
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If you don't have a bin of feathers, this activity is similar to our other Threading Buttons activity that uses pipe cleaners.  

Simple Preschool Threading Activity

What you need:

In a bin or on a tray, set out several buttons and feathers of various colors.

Simply thread a colored button onto a matching colored feather!

Easy enough!  This threading activity is so simple to put together.  

It makes for a great busy bag or quiet time activity.  

This should keep your little one concentration long enough to help your other kiddos in your homeschool.

simple preschool threading with buttons and feathers

This threading task will keep your little one busy and is great to set up during quiet time or while you need to make dinner or get some other things done!

preschool threading fine motor skills

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