Cute Paper Plate Turkey Craft


Create this cute and simple Thanksgiving turkey craft with your toddler and/or preschooler!

With four littles {well, one big and three littles} and homeschooling, I am finding it harder to fit in the beloved "craft time" with my crafty-girl.

She often creates projects herself, but I enjoy putting together activities for her, too.

Our latest paper plate turkey craft is simple and easy enough for other busy mamas to put together and the end result is a cute craft for Thanksgiving!

paper plate turkey craft

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Paper Plate Turkey Craft

What you need:

paper plate turkey craft

How to Make this Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Prep the activity beforehand by cutting small squares of construction paper-- this is were a paper cutter really comes in handy!

Cut a turkey body from brown construction paper.

Add eyes, beak, and piece of yarn to turkey's face.

Glue the turkey body onto the paper plate.

Have child begin gluing the squares of construction paper around the turkey body to create its "feathers."

In the end you have a beautiful turkey mosaic!
paper plate turkey craft

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