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Valentine's Day Shape Craft for Preschoolers

Have your child create a Heart Buddy for Valentines or while exploring different shapes.  This is such a fun way to add a little craft and fine motor skills into your day!  Hope your preschooler loves it as much as mine did!
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preschool heart shape craft

Easy Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

  • scissors
  • paint
  • markers
  • kwix sticks
  • construction paper
  • glue

I've included a template for you to use to create your own Heart Buddy Shape Craft.  

Download and print.

Provide markers, paints, and/or crayons for your child to color the large and small hearts.  The large rectangles are for the legs and the short rectangles are for the arms.

We chose to use construction paper arms/ legs for our Heart Buddy.  So we used the printable template as a guide.  If using wet materials, wait til everything has dried and then have your child cut the hearts.  

For more fine motor skills practice, I had my daughter fold the arms and legs back and forth like an 'accordian'.  Glue the small hearts to the arms and legs.  Then glue those parts to the large heart and your Heart Buddy is complete! 


Download your Heart Buddy Template Here!