Letter P Craft


Alphabet crafts are such a fun way for preschoolers to explore the letters of the alphabet.  They are a great way to introduce letter identification and phonemic awareness.  Make a letter p craft to help your toddler, preschooler, and/or kindergartener remember the shape and sound of the letter p. Have fun making this P is for Pineapple Craft.

letter p craft

My preschooler loves crafts, so these activities are a perfect way for her to be engaged in the learning process AND have fun at the same time.  As we craft our way through the alphabet, she is creating visual ''pegs'' to help aid letter identification and letter sound retention. 

And well, they are just plain CUTE to make, too.  A great hands-on way to explore the alphabet!

Letter P Craft

Before narrowing down what craft to do for each letter, I mentally list all the things that begin with the /p/ sound... pizza, parrot, penguin, etc.  However, for today's letter craft I was inspired by this fun fingerprint pineapple craft and decided for our letter p craft to do Letter P is for Pineapple!  
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What you need:
** there are MANY ways to adapt this letter p for pineapple craft using the materials you have on hand-- make it work for YOU!  No do a dot markers?  Use construction paper or paint instead.  Feel like adding glitter?  Go for it!


Begin prepping the letter p is for pineapple craft by drawing or print out an outline of the letter P.  Next, draw out a crown shape for the top of the pineapple.

Provide Do A Dot markers in yellow and green.

Encourage your child to dot the Letter P in yellow and the crown shape in green so that it (loosely) resembles a pineapple.

Once finished, have your child make brown dots or scribbles with a marker on the pineapple  OR bring out the brown stamp pad or paint, and have your child make fingerprints of brown all over the pineapple.

Cut it out and glue the stem onto the pineapple.

Your P is for Pineapple alphabet craft is all done.  It truly turned out SO cute!

I am just LOVING all of our alphabet crafts and cannot wait to see them all lined up together in our school room (aka dining room)!  

Letter P Craft - p is for pineapple


This letter p craft can be made just because... or can be added to your Letter of the Week activities for the letter p!


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