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P is for Pineapple Alphabet Craft

Alphabet crafts are such a fun way for preschoolers to explore the letters of the alphabet.  My preschooler loves crafts, so these activities are a perfect way for her to be engaged in the learning process and have fun at the same time.  

We are hitting the letters of the alphabet in random order; in case you missed it, the last alphabet craft we shared was Letter J is for Jewels.  Well, we've moved down the alphabet a few letters and made an alphabet craft for the Letter P.  

preschool alphabet craft

We were inspired by this fun fingerprint pineapple craft and decided to do Letter P is for Pineapple!  
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What you need:

Preschool Alphabet Craft

Draw or print out an outline of the letter P and draw out a stem shape.

Provide Do A Dot markers in yellow and green.

Encourage your child to dot the Letter P in yellow and the stem shape in green.  

Once finished, have your child make brown dots or scribbles with a marker on the pineapple.

Cut it out and glue the stem onto the pineapple.

Your P is for Pineapple alphabet craft is all done.  Turned out so cute!  I think this would also be a great time to grab a snack.... pineapple chunks, of course!

craft your way through the alphabet

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